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Not bad, my blood sugar has been lower in the mornings.  Today it was 105, but before the holidays was even as low as 95.  That's really good.  I see my doctor in little over a week from now.  She will see my ups and downs, so Im not sure if my numbers will look god to her or not.  Shes wanted to put me on Metformin, but I've been trying to convince her that I can control my blood sugars without it.  Its not that I am against being medicated (well I am if I can manage without them), but Ive been placed on Metformin before.  When I was on Metformin it was impossible for me to lose weight.  The Metformin lowered my blood sugars so much that I could not cut back on the amount of food I was eating.  I was forced always to treat the lows with carbs and that kept me from any significant weight loss.  Off the Metformin I've been able to keep my blood sugar levels higher with less food, and by choosing the right foods Ive also been able to keep the excess insulin from forcing my blood sugar to drop too low.  Except of course when I slipped a little over the Holidays and ate a few cookies!!!  Those are Sooooo my weakness.  Which reminds me, I need to bake up a batch of treats for the week ahead to keep me on my plan and make some easy to grab sweet treats readily available so making the right choices will be easy.  Also on Thursday our fruit and veg delivery service starts up again (they stopped for two weeks during the holidays).  Between my sugar free recipes and the CSA programs at South Coast Farms, I have a good feeling about the next few weeks and my ability to stay on track with my goals.


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Jan. 6th, 2009 06:04 am (UTC)
You kinda are against being medicated, LOL. but it's a good thing, I mean you have good reasons.
I love that you get those vegie deliveries!
My weakness is cookies too, when they are around. I guess that's why I don't make them so much. I CANNOT resist chocolate chip cookies.... hmmm, maybe Paul can help cure me of that! ;)
Jan. 10th, 2009 09:49 pm (UTC)
Not a good image, Chocolate worm chip? No thanks, I'll stick to the guilt free edible kind =)
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