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Okay so the veg and fruit delivery came Thursday and I invented a few new treats.  So it's officially baking day!  I gotta go look through my foods and see what I want to make.  I have to plan for the week ahead and make sure Ive made enough for the weekend.  Also I want to make more individual cheesecakes and a torte (I invented a chocolate glaze I want to try on the torte).  I think I'll make the glaze Orange chocolate.  Also my new Queen Helene's (or Maple Pecan cookies are ADDICTIVE!!!).  So out of the veggies this week I think I will make chicken soup, roasted cauliflower soup and borscht (I think the menu is inspired by the weather!!!).  Also I will make the greens and leeks as needed as stir fry or braised.  Sounds good and warm!  Also Im still trying to figure out how to make my brownies easier.  The one step in the double boiler takes 1 hour.  I just don't think thats something people would be willing to do.  I think I'll try a variation on that to see if I can cut that time to AT LEAST in half.  OH I just had another idea, maybe I'll use the grain sweetened chocolate instead of the unsweetened, that may also cut the time down.


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