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Diabetic Diva

My Sweet Retreat

15 May
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My name is Lori, I am a 44 year old obese American woman. I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I am insulin resistant, have Metobolic Syndrome X, High Blood Pressure and Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Basically a lot of what’s wrong with me can be attributed to my “Typical American Diet”. I ate too much processed food, Sugar, Flour, Salt and the wrong types of fats. I thought I was following the American Diabetes outline for a diet that would control my disease, yet I could not seem to lose weight. Then I discovered something that has changed my life. This journal is to document my discoveries and monitor my health and weight loss along the way.

I am now eating the same amounts of food that I was on the American Diabetes Foundation’s Plan, but I omit everything white and processed. Also I have an incurable sweet tooth, that I have learned to satisfy by creating sweets using low glycemic indexed foods and products. The results of these efforts are a 20+ pound weight loss (I am well on my way to getting my weight and my life under control, not to mention my diseases and in the process discovered my lifes passion, developing and sharing recipes that are soul satisfying and health promoting.
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